• Apple Reportedly Seeking Facial Recognition Technology

    There are reports that Apple may have purchased a Sweden-based tech firm that specializes in facial recognition technologies and similar applications that make it possible for gadgets and gizmos to identify users via their unique facial characteristics. If you're wondering if this could be the first step toward subsequent iPhones utilizing "facial recognition" as a security component, you are not alone.

    With talk that next year's iPhone 5 will be all about speed and security (speed from AT&T's 4G network and a host of beefed up, cutting edge security features) it wouldn't be too difficult to imagine the powers-that-be in Cupertino investing heavily in the technology that this company - called "Polar Rose" (according to Google translation) - knows inside and out. Apple Insider reports that Polar Rose is a "small company with less than 20 employees." And its technology came as the result of research conducted in "two universities" in southern Sweden.

    Although this report marks the first talk of its kind regarding the acquisition of a company that specializes in facial recognition, Apple has long been rumored to want similar technology in its full range of iDevices. Some will recall that prior to the iPad's release, there were reports from the likes of the Wall Street Journal that Apple's then-mythical tablet would be a device that would be shared by multiple family members -- "and it might even recognize their faces."

    From reports to patent applications, there's no doubt that Apple is interested in facial recognition technology. And if Polar Rose doesn't prove the vehicle to delver the technology, it's a safe bet that Apple will find another way - or another source - to get or create what the company seems to have an unrelenting fascination with.

    Apple Insider
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