• Theme Of The Week: SUG4R HD

    Supertod, the creator of SpringColours, has brought us SUG4R HD for the iPhone 4. (also available for 3G). Combining both simplicity and vivid colours, this theme definitely shines on the retina display. It comes in two flavors, Normal and Diet. Normal features horizontal bars for icon/app selection, whereas the "diet" version uses your standard icon setup.

    While this is not a complete theme, it does include 26 Icons, and any donations made, the author will provide template files to continue filling the icon collection. Overall, even with the lack of icons and further UI development, this theme really does look sharp.

    Download SUG4R HD via DeviantArt

    Note: The Wallpaper is up to the user's choice, this colourful one is optional. Example below:

    Themes for Tweaks
    Kirex for MusicBarExtended

    Designed by 54K, Kirex is a theme designed for MusicBarExtended, and is a mashup of Kiwiiik's Bowtie theme, Mr.Vinyl, and Mattew Rex's MBEx theme Rexcon

    Use only with MusicBarExtended installed. Download theme here.

    Zausser Last Theme
    Xhd [beta release]

    Zausser has posted his final theme design, XHD, and it is available in our forums. He has over 10 themes under his belt and this one will be his last, as he hangs up the theme designing hat.

    XHD sports a very elegant classy look, keeping with dark tones and red midtones throughout, slightly accented with hard deep blues. If you've been following Zausser's work, I have no doubt that you will love this theme as well. To get your hands on it, simply donate.

    That's it for now folks. Until next week... Don't forget to vote for your favorite theme!
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