• Photos of a Supposed iPhone 5S Logic Board Leaked

    As noted by the folks at Macotakara, Japanese parts firm Moumantai recently posted three photos of what may presumably be the bare logic board for the next-generation iPhone. Unsurprisingly the shape of the board is nearly identical to that of the logic board found in the iPhone 5. It appears to have a slightly different curve along the bottom edge where the logic board would meet the speaker enclosure.

    As of right now, few details can be obtained from the part as there are no chips or other components attached to the board, although it does contain what appears to be a different placement of screw holes and a tweaked chip layout. The main A-series chip appears to be slightly narrow than the one on the iPhone 5, meaning that the chip may ultimately end up being the same size as the A6 in the iPhone 5.

    Apple’s iPhone 5S is expected to launch later this year, perhaps around September or October. This convention would follow Apple’s pattern of two-year body style cycles. The next-generation iPhone 5 is rumored to be the iPhone 5S and will reportedly be quiet similar to its predecessor with a focus on internal improvements. One of the differentiating features however may be the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor, which is rumored to be location on or near the device’s home button. We’ll have to wait and see though for more concrete evidence.

    Source: Macotakara
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    1. Shanks12's Avatar
      Shanks12 -
      That's to bad this isn't coming up sooner. My iPhone 4 is crapping out on me.
    1. djarkiz's Avatar
      djarkiz -
      Just bought 4S(which i got cheap with no contract) from 4 and Wow what a difference, only things I don't like are battery life and brightness is a blue-ish tint, hoping 5S comes in September, earlier the better, I have my 4 but can't switch back cz toooooo slow, but brightness is killing me!!
    1. mvangogh's Avatar
      mvangogh -
      wish my company didn't control upgrades. i'm up for renewal and want to buy this but they won't let me
    1. djarkiz's Avatar
      djarkiz -
      Quote Originally Posted by mvangogh View Post
      wish my company didn't control upgrades. i'm up for renewal and want to buy this but they won't let me
      I feel ya buddy, i got lucky bought 4S no contract for $200, only 8 months old, but big difference in brightness and battery life, so gonna use this til sept, then upgrade with contract to 5S
    1. ABOSWORTH's Avatar
      I hope apple defies tradition and releases a 6 rather than a 4S. They need to make a screen size somewhat comparable to the Galaxy. This "S" crap has got to go.
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