• Ringtone Creation Apps Becoming Big Draw for App Store

    The ramifications of the Apple's revised App Store Review Guidelines have effectively changed many longstanding policies of one of the most notoriously stringent policy-stickler companies in the tech world. With every passing week, it appears that the updated guidelines permit something new in the App Store that, until now, had never been permissible. Case in point: iPhone ringtone creation apps. The refreshed App Store Review Guidelines now allow for the creation and availability of custom ringtone creation apps - those that originate from third-party developers.

    Developers (in great numbers) are shifting into ringtone-maker-mode. As recently highlighted by Mobile Crunch, several have already been submitted and given access to the Holy Grail of the app world - the App Store. They include: Best Ringtone Maker, Ringtone Designer Pro, Music Ringtone Maker, Ringtone Maker Pro, Custom Ringtone Maker, and others.

    While the existence of ringtone creation apps isn't totally groundbreaking (since, you know, we could do it already using other software and technologies) it's a first to be able to create iPhone ringtones from a ringtone-specific app from the App Store. So, without question, the big news here isn't that the App Store now offers applications that provide this function. It's that Apple now allows the App Store to offer those particular apps. And when Apple lets its hair down... it opens a whole new world of possibilities to developers and the millions who enjoy their creations.

    Mobile Crunch
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