• New App Can 'Fuse' Your Social Media Experience

    For the active social networking junkies who routinely find themselves opening, closing, and navigating among social apps throughout the day, a cool new app fuses the social networking world into one compact mobile application.

    You're one social person. Get one social app! Fuse brings together all your favorite social networks in one unified experience.
    Created by Ryan Negri of NegriElectronic (@ryannegri) and MMi's founder and owner Kyle Matthews (@kylematthews), Fuse serves up a convenient single feed of updates from the social networks with which we're most engaged.

    Best of all, Fuse doesn't limit users to the sidelines by only letting them watch what everyone else is saying. You can still post comments, send messages, search, and interact within your social universe as freely and comfortably as always, but now inside of one app that makes all of these activities more fluid.

    Facebook and Twitter support are free with the new Fuse app, and you can always upgrade to add LinkedIn or Instagram with a one-time in-app purchase.

    If you're anything like me (meaning that you probably spend more time inside of social apps than inside of your own home) you may want to check out Fuse.

    Source: Fuse (iTunes link)
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      So its like IM+ ok. Im actually surprised it took this long for an official app to come out. Most social apps are limited and the experience is less than desirable.
    1. tankz504's Avatar
      tankz504 -
      iPad support in the future?
    1. wiipro's Avatar
      wiipro -
      Nice Job Kyle!
    1. edy_levy's Avatar
      edy_levy -
      i cant find it in the apple store :c
    1. bumbo's Avatar
      bumbo -
      Quote Originally Posted by edy_levy View Post
      i cant find it in the apple store :c
      Search for "Fuse: Social"
    1. neehardcore's Avatar
      neehardcore -
      How is this different than Path?
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Very nice gonna git this now
    1. antman78987's Avatar
      antman78987 -
      I love how the preview screenshots that they used for the app in the App Store were taken on a jailbroken iPhone! #jailbreakFTW
    1. tankz504's Avatar
      tankz504 -
      How can you tell?
    1. i.Annie's Avatar
      i.Annie -
      Quote Originally Posted by neehardcore View Post
      How is this different than Path?
      Path is a social network of its own. You can share your Path stuff on other social media apps/sites, but it is not the same as the app mentioned in this article. Fuse is meant to combine and manage your multiple social media accounts, it is not a social media service itself. Say you have FB, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. and you don't want to have to open a separate app to check your different social media accounts...that's what Fuse is for. You can check it all on one app. That is why this app is nice. It's kind of like Manila (if you've heard of that). Manila combines all your accounts from phone/other bills to credit cards to bank accounts all in one app so that you can do some of what you need to within that one app alone.

      Quote Originally Posted by bigboyz View Post
      So its like IM+ ok. Im actually surprised it took this long for an official app to come out. Most social apps are limited and the experience is less than desirable.
      I believe IM+ is a messaging service. It allows you to manage messaging with different social media accounts that allow for messaging communication. This app is meant to manage the accounts more in depth and not just with messaging in itself.
    1. nudge2232's Avatar
      nudge2232 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tankz504 View Post
      How can you tell?
      Because there's no battery icon. It's been hidden.
      Also, there's a mail icon on the status bar. Stock iOS firmware doesn't have this.
    1. cheaposity's Avatar
      cheaposity -
      Would have installed if Instagram n linked in were free ..
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