• Will This Italian iPhone Wristwatch Ever Exist?

    Vaporware is one of the things that keep the mobile market interesting. For every product that comes to market, there's another dozen vapor devices that promise to be the greatest thing since sliced bread but ultimately never progress beyond the planning stage. Today, we got word of a new product that has all the hallmarks of vapor, with a slick marketing video and an astronomical price to match. Get ready for the i'mWatch, which will supposedly put all the functionality of the iPhone on your wrist... plus white gold and diamonds, if you want, for about $20,000.

    Italian entrepreneur Manuel Zanella founded the "virtual mobile operator" Zeromobile, and also teamed up with Massimiliano Bertolini to market alcohol-free "WineZero." Now, Zanella and Bertolini are together again to try and create the Italian version of the popular crowdsourced-funding site Kickstarter, for which they've reserved the domain name www.doooing.it. The first project seeking funding on doooing.it is - big surprise! - another Zanella/Bertolini venture: a luxury watch that wirelessly connects to your iPhone. The really, really awkward name "i'mWatch" might have something to do with the doooing.it site, since im.doooing.it has kind of a nice ring to it. But who knows.

    Anyway, there's very little hard information about the watch, other than the fact that it will use the iPod nano's 240x240 touchscreen but somehow curve it (which, if it was actually possible, would be a great improvement on the chunky nano-watch hybrids we've seen so far) and that it will be available in merely expensive titanium for €599, really expensive yellow gold, white gold, black gold or (ugh) pink gold for €11,999... or absurdly expensive white gold encrusted with diamonds for €14,999. You can even get your name engraved on the thing for only another €2,000 - though the first 100 buyers will get that thrown in for free.

    Apparently, this (apparently imaginary) watch is already really popular in Dubai, as the two entrepreneurs assure us that "there are already many bookings for the more expensive and exclusive versions" in the Gulf emirate. They also claim that they are working out an exclusive agreement for distribution in "all Middle East countries," where presumably it's easier to sell watches for the price of a car. They say - presumably in all seriousness - that they will start shipping in September and have already raised over €6,000 on doooing.it, most of that probably from the rich (and gullible) oil sheiks of Dubai.

    If this thing actually comes to market, I'll be very, very surprised. However, I'll also be near the front of the line to drop €599 (about $867 US) for the titanium version: this watch is that cool. More pictures are available on the "i'm" website.

    Source: Cult of Mac
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