• Voice Memos Application Makes its Way Back to iOS in iOS 7 Beta 2

    Voice Memos, the application that Apple includes with iOS to record voice recordings or other audio, was seemingly removed from iOS in iOS 7 beta 1. Interestingly, internal screenshots were leaked revealing that the stock audio-recording application may return in a future iOS 7 beta update.

    As it would appear, immediately following the seed of iOS 7 Beta 2 to developers Monday afternoon, it was discovered that the Voice Memos application has indeed returned to iOS, but with a new icon (of course) and a new flat interface that has completely done away with the microphone interface we are used to in iOS 6 and older.

    The new interface is basically black and white (flat) with a time indicator, visual sound wave indicator, record and pause buttons, and a way to see previous recordings. You can see a screenshot of the new Voice Memos application as it comes in iOS 7 Beta 2 above. The application icon resembles sound waves and is black and white.

    iOS 7 is expected to be released this Fall. iOS 7 beta is currently only available to developers for testing so that bugs can be worked out and applications can be made compatible with iOS 7ís latest features.
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I really like the new voice memo's. Very sleek and functional app!
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