• AppleTV Boasts FaceTime & DVD Support : Remote App Gets an Update

    Apple's newest Apple TV seems to be taking to the spotlight this week, as users begin to uncover more of what's buried deep inside of the Apple TV Firmware and the device itself. We've already seen that the Apple TV does include an iOS based firmware, which has opened the door to numerous possibilities, theoretically that is.

    Once digging further into the Apple TV Firmware, there have been numerous reports of uncovering what seems to be, FaceTime support as well as even DVD Support. There is even discussion that Apple TV might support Bluetooth.

    On another note, as discussion fills forums, it appears that the Remote.app has been updated to support the AppleTV, as well as including some new features. The app is now retina compatible, and now includes a new App Icon.

    The AppleTV application itself, seems to be called "lowtide" and details itself to require iOS 4.1 or greater.

    As the information continues to fill itself out, there seems to be a handful of great surprises we can expect out of Apple TV. Keep your eyes peeled for those deliveries!

    What are your thoughts on this? Should we expect these supporting frameworks, or is this just leftover code from iOS 4.1?

    Source: 9to5MAc | MacTalk
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