• Updated Google Earth App Receives Street View and New UI

    Google recently rolled out a substantial update to its Google Earth iOS app, bringing a few important changes to the title and built-in Street View capabilities. Until now, users of Google’s mapping products on Apple’s mobile platform have had to switch between both Google Earth and Google Maps to access features such as Street View. With the recent update however, the Internet search giant is bringing parity to the two titles in an effort to further merge its existing software lineup.

    Implementation of Street View adds another layer to the satellite imagery app and also brings the usual drag-and-drop controls first introduced on the Google Maps Web client. Users are given the ability to zoom into the new mode by pulling the small yellow “stickman” icon at the top right of the screen into supported street zones, which are highlighted in blue. When using it, the feature is largely the same as the Google maps for iOS version, though it feels a bit slow to load.

    Another major change is the user interface, which seems to have moved from the four-corner button layout to a theme more in line with Google’s other iOS titles. Now, the layer selection menu and search button are located at the top of the screen, while the current location and points of interest slider is at the bottom. All assets are positioned at the top of the screen in the iPad version of the app.

    Other improvements included an updated direction search that visualizes walking, biking and driving directions in 3D instead of a top-down view. Also added is a refreshed search result list that allows users to browse through recent searches.

    Those of you who are interested in trying the new app can do so for free from the App Store.

    Source: iTunes
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