• Weekly Tweak Recap June 24 - June 30

    In case you've missed out on the new jailbreak tweaks Cydia has seen, this recap will highlight the tweaks we've shown you this week. These are in no specific order.

    1. Decode Camera – $1.50

    Decode Camera is a new jailbreak tweak that adds QR Code and Data Matrix reading capabilities to the stock Camera application. The tweak adds convenience to our lives by allowing us to use the stock Camera application rather than having to download third party applications from the App Store. This also makes it possible to use the feature right from the lock screen via the Camera Grabber.

    2. BannerSwipe – FREE

    BannerSwipe is a new free jailbreak tweak that adds a new swipe animation to Notification Banners when you dismiss them. The banner will follow your finger when you swipe to the left rather than simply disappearing from the screen.

    3. Actiwidget – FREE

    Actiwidget is a new free jailbreak tweak that adds Activator action functionality to Notification Center. With this tweak, the user can add any Activator action to Notification Center that they want to, and then with the tap of a button, the Activator action will take effect.

    4. Pull to Disable Alarms – FREE

    [url=http://modmyi.com/content/11351-pull-disable-alarms-makes-so-you-can-disable-all-alarms-pulling-down.html]Pull to Disable Alarms[/url=http://modmyi.com/content/11351-pull-disable-alarms-makes-so-you-can-disable-all-alarms-pulling-down.html] is a new free jailbreak tweak that allows you to perform the pull to refresh animation in the Alarms application to disable all active alarms. This is extremely useful for when there’s a time you know you don’t want to be woken up by any alarms. It's also much faster than having to disable each one, one at a time.

    5. HomeDisplay – $2

    HomeDisplay is a new jailbreak tweak that adds additional information to your home screen in the form of a secondary Status Bar. The secondary Status Bar includes information like the date, the weather, and the currently playing music.

    6. YouSearch for NC – FREE

    YouSearch for NC is a new free add-on for Notification Center that allows you to search for videos on YouTube.

    7. Mappr – 99¢

    Mappr is an interesting new jailbreak tweak that allows you to view the map from the Spotlight page. The map can be configured to follow your location, or for you to be able to move around freely through the map. Not to mention, it actually adds use to the SpotLight page.

    Stay tuned for next week's Weekly Tweak Recap - only on ModMyi!

    If you missed our previous Weekly Tweak Recap, you can view it from this link.
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      CZroe -
      Can we please just start calling this segment "Tweakly Recap?" Thanks!
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