• Top iOS Apps Key to Improved Fitness, Sleep, Diabetes Management

    The latest published reports from leading medical journals all point to one undeniable reality: iOS is the vanguard of mobile health in the minds of physicians and patients alike.

    A recent survey spearheaded by Black Book Rankings indicates that of the physicians who actively use medical mobile apps on smartphones, 68 percent prefer iPhones while just 31 percent use Android-based devices.

    Among patients, iOS similarly remains the preferable platform for mobile health applications. In fact, iOS apps are being credited with profoundly improving the mechanisms consumers trust to manage diabetes, achieve more restful sleep, and take charge of their overall fitness.

    Among the most highly praised solutions in these categories today are:

    Sleep Genius

    With the CDC declaring sleep deprivation a national epidemic, a record number of Americans are turning to prescription and over-the-counter medicinal sleep aids. But the potentially negative impact on REM sleep caused by sleep-inducing medications used for prolonged periods is prompting a growing number of doctors, sleep specialists, and other medical experts to prescribe technology over pills. As MMi reported last month, recent clinical studies show a dramatic improvement in sleep quality among subjects who used a new mobile application for Apple's iPhone that was designed by neuroscientists. This groundbreaking new app, Sleep Genius, was developed following research they did for NASA helping astronauts with insomnia. Unlike some over-the-counter sleep aids that are largely ineffectual for more than half of all persons taking them, clinical trials of the Sleep Genius app showed the app to be 77% effective in helping subjects get to sleep faster and reach deeper levels of REM sleep. The makers of the app say they've created a solution that targets the brain's sleep centers through proprietary neurosensory algorithms, multi-band binaural beats, “Pink noise,” and psychoacoustic tunes. By directing brainwave patterns to predetermined sleep frequencies conducive to calming the brain, the technology can slow the heart, facilitate desirable breathing patterns and send users into deeper levels of sleep. Sleep Genius is available now on iOS. Get it here.


    Perhaps no other medical condition has been better served by mobile applications than diabetes. Proving its ability to save time and eliminate errors from manual entry by efficiently downloading blood glucose readings from your meter to your iOS device, Glooko’s FDA 510(k) cleared system is changing diabetes management by "breaking barriers in technology and building bridges between patients and healthcare providers." The app reliably makes your data accessible, annotatable, and sharable. It also works with a multitude of FDA cleared blood glucose meters. Get it here.

    Gorilla Workout

    In the crowded field of workout apps, it can be difficult to find one that's right for you, which is exactly why legions of iOS users have turned to Gorilla Workout. For those looking to lose weight and build muscle only using the weight of their own body, the makers of Gorilla Workout say this real-life, workout video game for men and women is the right solution for just about anybody. As you exercise, you pass its fitness levels. "So kicking your own butt actually feels fun and rewarding," one review reads. A fast-paced, no-equipment grouping of over 40+ exercises, the latest version of Gorilla Workout is available now. Get it here.

    Source: Black Book Rankings
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Just downloaded Gorilla Workout..can't wait to try it.
    1. endwaro's Avatar
      endwaro -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigboyz View Post
      Just downloaded Gorilla Workout..can't wait to try it.
      i used Gorilla Work Out last year and it was fun! i got some gainsss but i changed to P90X after 1 month or so because my friends were doing it. still if you have a tight schedule and can't go to the gym or not enough room for weights and all that then this is really good. i think you will like it!

      [By the way didn't do caps right because it keeps on popping these stupid squares around the letters that capitalize. f anyone knows how to make it stop would appreciate it.
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