• What's New In Cydia : iPicMyContacts, MultiCleaner, GroupSend

    In the excitement for the new jailbreak tool, it's great to see that there are still a ton of new apps being released into the Cydia store, as we all prepare to jailbreak the world. Here is this week's breakdown of what's new and updated in Cydia. Share your comments on your experiences with these apps as usual! Enjoy..


    iPicMyContacts is very similar to the popular Cyntact by Saurik. Most of you probably already have Cyntact but if you haven't yet purchased it, I highly recommend checking out iPicMyContacts.

    iPicMyContacts has a built in feature that will allow you to quickly search google for someone's picture and add it to the contact on your phone. At first I thought that it wouldn't work, but I was surprise when in a matter of a few minutes I was able to add dozens of my contacts photos. The search was pretty damn accurate, and the developer claims it will get even better.

    Grab this one in Cydia for $1.29


    MultiCleaner is an advanced housekeeper for your MutliTasking apps. It can get to be quite a pain in the @$$ managing app, and MultiCleaner is here to help. The app will allow you to quit apps with a quick activator gesture and even allows you to customize the multitasking bar to your own liking.

    MultiCleaner is available in Cydia for $0.99.


    GroupSMS is an app that allows you to send SMS messages to a group of contacts. The apps comes with a built-in manage to quickly edit and create groups from your contact list.

    The app design is slick and has an excellent GUI. It is available in Cydia for $1.99. But if this interests you, keep reading for the next group sending app.


    It only seems appropriate to detail another app that does group sms messages next. GroupSend also allows you to send a message to a group of people on your contacts list. It also integrates seamlessly with your any of the messaging apps like the stock Messages app, iRealSms and even biteSMS. There is no application persay, but rather a tweak to the way you select contacts, which is really what makes this app different than GroupSMS.

    When you choose to "add contact" while composing a new message, you will be given the ability to select more than one contact rather than the one at a time method. You can also select existing groups you have created as well in a single tap.

    NOTE: it is recommended to define contact groups to get the maximum of the functionality. You can use ABGrouper to do so.
    GroupSend can be found in Cydia for $1.49, slightly cheaper than GroupSMS. Even without the pricetag in mind, I'd prefer this over groupSMS, as this is a tweak to the native system rather than an additional app.


    Data Counter is a simple application that allows you to track your data usage over a period of time, and allows you to set up notifications when certain conditions are met. This is a a great app for those that want more instant notification from their data tracking. However for the cost of $2.99, you might be better off using the Data trackers in the official Carrier apps. You can find this app in Cydia.

    Also Available...

    PreventSleep Free
    An SBSchedule toggle that prevents your device from going into sleep mode (The screen still turns off but WiFi and 3G continue to operate)

    Features Free
    Enable iOS 4 features on iPhone 3G and iPod 2G

    Multitasking Time Free
    A Mobile Substrate plugin that adds the time and a battery icon to the multitasking bar.

    Pass Gen Free
    Generate passwords of any size instantly with phonetics, lowercase, uppercase, numbers and punctuation.

    AndroidLock XT $1.49
    An enhanced version of AndroidLock, and android like lockscreen for your iDevice.

    FastSnap $0.99
    Take Photos and Video using the volume controls, much like a regular camera would be set up.

    App Switcher Rotator $1.49
    This plugin rotates the switcher icons to the current app's orientation.

    Direct Closer Pro $1.00
    A Tweak that automatically adds the red cross on icons inside the mutlitasking bar to quickly close apps.

    PlayAwake $1.99
    Use iPod music as your alarm clock. This is a tweak that fully integrates with your Clock app.

    FastNumber $0.99
    Simplify the number of steps to adding a phone number into your contacts list.
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