• Angry Birds Update Adds New Levels, New Game Mode, More Contraptions

    Rovio Wednesday released an update for the popular Angry Birds game for iOS. The update brings the game to version 3.2.0.

    The update adds 15 new fun levels to the game, continuing the gameplay for existing players that have already gotten to the end of the game by getting through all of the levels. Rovio notes that the new levels are under the Red's Mighty Feathers episode.

    In addition, players will find a new game mode called Egg Defender in which Red (the bird) gets "powers to attack advancing pigs." In this game mode, it will be the player's mission to defend the birds' eggs from the pigs...

    You may be an expert pig popper, but how will you cope with a moving target? One bird stands between the egg and the advancing pig army in the all-new Red’s Mighty Feathers episode. The fearless Red Bird faces wave after wave of Bad Piggies in their crazy contraptions. But wait! He now has some magic feathers from the Mighty Eagle himself – giving Red incredible new powers as he darts toward those pesky pigs at incredible speed!
    Also notable, the update has added a hefty 73 new contraptions for the Bad Piggies.

    Existing players of Angry Birds will find the update under the Updates tab in the App Store and can download the update for free. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Angry Birds for iPhone from this link for 99¢, or Angry Birds for iPad from this link for $2.99.

    Sources: App Store
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    1. monsterdustin's Avatar
      monsterdustin -
      already downloaded for work meeting tomorrow
    1. hemptation's Avatar
      hemptation -
      It's a good update. Lol. Protecting the egg is a cool game. Especially after beating bad piggies
    1. cherry001's Avatar
      cherry001 -
      Good news for us.
    1. BRAC's Avatar
      BRAC -
      Quote Originally Posted by monsterdustin View Post
      already downloaded for work meeting tomorrow
      I'm already married
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