• Analyst: Apple Prepping New iPhone Line With Varying Screen Sizes

    Dating back to the iPhone's 2007 release, there has been both talk and strong urging on the part of some Apple fans for the Cupertino tech giant to introduce a line of so-called "iPhone nano" devices - iPhones that are mostly smaller, and possibly with screens of differing sizes within the product line.

    Fast forward three years and all we have several different iPhone models that - while differing in attributes and functionalities provided - are still largely the same product by design. This morning, however, the well known and credible Kaufman Bros. analyst, Shaw Wu, revealed that his sources at Apple's overseas parts suppliers indicate that Apple is now putting the wheels in motion on a new iPhone product line that will, in fact, offer a range of screen size options to consumers, possibly as early as next year.

    "Our sources believe these likely represent new high-end and low-end iPhone models to complement its current iPhone 4," Wu admitted. "One possibility we are picking up is a 'mini' or 'nano' iPhone with a smaller candybar form factor leveraging technology in its new mini touchscreen iPod nano."

    This revelation is getting more attention than another prognostication that came with it - the rumored forthcoming products will be available on carriers other than just AT&T. For now, it doesn't appear that there is nearly as much solid evidence to back up that second claim. But, over time, suppliers have provided analysts like Wu with very credible tips that ultimately manifested in new products like the iPad and iPhone 4.

    Kaufman Bros.
    Apple Insider
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