• Deus Ex: The Fall Released in the App Store

    The latest installment in the largely popular Deus Ex video game series, “Deus Ex: The Fall” has recently landed on the iPhone and iPad slightly ahead of its original schedule. The Fall is the first Deus Ex game that is to be released on mobile devices, picking up where the book “Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect” had left off for those of you who follow the series.

    The folks over at Touch Arcade tried the game at E3 and found it very promising, stating the following about their experience with it:

    Understandably, a bit of hesitation when you take a game that's traditionally is played on a PC or console makes the jump to virtual controls, but, as seen in this video, it's actually not that bad.

    We're excited to (eventually) get deeper into the game, the E3 demos seemed to be very tutorial-heavy with lots of text popups and things teaching you how the game actually works. Touch to move is a little weird, and there's a lot of context-sensitive touch areas, but overall we walked away really impressed.
    You can watch some footage of the game from E3 2013 below:

    Those of you interested in trying out Deus Ex: The Fall on your iPhone and/or iPad can do so for $6.99 from the App Store.

    Source: iTunes via Touch Arcade
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    1. Jato_BZ's Avatar
      Jato_BZ -
      Apparently this doesn't work on Jailbroken devices!!
    1. smith01's Avatar
      smith01 -
      DO NOT BUY if your device is jailbroken. It comes up with a message "You cannot shoot on jailbroken devices"
      Another STUPID anti-jailbreak app.
      Dont these devs know jailbreaking is LEGAL?

      There is NOWHERE in the details of the app that says it wont work on a jailbroken device so there will be many buyers that will be stuck with it unless the word gets out before they waste their money on it.

      Just another reason why Android is so much better. It doesn't need to be jailbroken and does 100x more than a jailbroken IOS device does. When you do Root an Android device its so much better and a jailbroken IOS device cant even come close.
    1. Jato_BZ's Avatar
      Jato_BZ -
      ^^^Dude I think ur on the wrong forum #JustSaying
    1. Mc-Lovin_341's Avatar
      Mc-Lovin_341 -
      They are Cydia tweaks that enable you to bypass the whole jailbroken check on apps
    1. mlee19841's Avatar
      mlee19841 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jato_BZ View Post
      ^^^Dude I think ur on the wrong forum #JustSaying
      Lol. How much better is a android device than and apple device. (Willy wonka voice)
    1. Super7's Avatar
      Super7 -
      Even if you buy the Game (I did) it says you cannot play because your device is jailbroken. Go to cydia download xcon and now you can play.
    1. Scheuerle's Avatar
      Scheuerle -
      Dear Android refugees, please start your own forum and leave us alone. I'm glad you love your androids, but they are cheap plastic throwaways, much like your opinions on MMi.
      I own iOS and android devices but I come here for iOS. I can form my own opinions thanks, so please stop waving your boring competitive issues in our faces.
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