• "One Microsoft" Company Realignment Focuses on Greater Efficiency, Innovation and Speed

    Microsoft recently unveiled a sweeping company-wide restructuring plan that CEO Steve Ballmer said will enable the company to “innovate with greater speed, efficiency and capability.” The “One Microsoft” realignment aims to view the company’s product lineup “holistically, not as a set of islands,” according to Ballmer’s memo to employees.

    The company is said to be organized by the following functions going forward:

    • Engineering (including supply chain and data centers)
    • Marketing
    • Business Development and Evangelism
    • Advanced Strategy and Research
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Legal
    • Chief Operating Officer (including field, support, commercial operations and IT).

    In addition to this, Microsoft will have four distinct engineering areas which consist of the following: Operating System, Apps, Cloud, and Devices.

    Ballmer hopes that the consolidation will allow for improved collaboration and efficiency between the various Microsoft teams. The CEO believes that the corporate streamlining of Microsoft will allow the company to help deliver “a more coherent message and family of product offerings.” Marketing, advertising, and all customer interaction will focus on portraying Microsoft as a company that offers a system that is tightly integrated for both consumers and businesses.
    Ballmer wrote the following regarding the changes:

    As devices become further integrated into everyday life, we will have to create new and extraordinary experiences for our customers on these devices. We are going to focus on completely reinventing experiences like creating or viewing a creative document and what it means to communicate socially or at home or in meetings at work. We are going to immerse people in deep entertainment experiences that let them have serious fun in ways so intense and delightful that they will blur the line between reality and fantasy. And as we develop these new experiences, we will also support our developers with the simplest ways to develop apps or cloud services and integrate with our products.
    One of the mottos for “One Microsoft all the time” is to ask employees to be nimble, communicative, collaborative, decisive and motivated in their work. Ballmer highlighted these specific keys as how he wants to express the core values of Microsoft’s corporate culture.

    It seems like several tech giants are continuing to restructure their organizations in an effort to be more efficient and successful going forward. Previously both Google and Apple restructured or had an executive shakeup to encourage greater “collaboration” within the company. We’ll have to wait and see if the major restructuring makes a noticeable change within the company, one that transforms the company into a more threatening competitor for Apple.

    Source: Microsoft
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