• Apple Preparing iOS Update to Fix Australian Alarm Bug

    Apple is said to be preparing an iOS update to correct a problem with the clock appís alarm function. So far, this bug has only affected iPhone users running iOS 4 from New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and Southern Australia. The problem occurs during daylight savings time when the alarm is set to a recurring mode.

    iPhone users have reported their alarms going off an hour earlier than expected and creating new alarms does not correct the problem. Users have been compensation by setting alarms to go off an hour earlier than they normally would. Currently, this is the only way to get a recurring alarm to go off as expected. Alternatively, users can deactivate recurring alarms and just set one alarm to go off instead.

    Usually, the clock is one app that gets little attention because it always seems to work flawlessly. According to ZDNet, an Apple forum user had this to say:

    "What really annoys me is that, judging from these forums, Apple must have known about the problem before daylight savings started in Australia, but chose not to let users know"

    Apple is said to be preparing a software update to iOS 4.1 that will fix this problem. Itís not yet clear what will be included with this update, but one thing is certain, the jailbreak community will be watching this release closely. Hopefully this will be another bug fix and not have an impact on jailbreak development.

    Many iPhone users are patiently waiting for a Mac version of the limera1n jailbreak. With so many setbacks and delays, users may want to wait and see what surprises, if any, arrive with the next iOS update.

    Source: AppleInsider
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Apple Preparing iOS Update to Fix Australian Alarm Bug started by Wiley John Wright View original post
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