• Report: Apple Hiring Help from Medical Sensor Industry

    New projections from ABI Research indicates that the market for disposable wireless Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) sensors within professional healthcare is growing.

    Although ABI concedes that today’s market is still in its “earliest stages,” the key foundations to support adoption are now in place. By 2018, in fact, ABI estimates that close to 5 million disposable sensors will be shipped even though MBAN sensors will have still barely penetrated the addressable market.

    Not surprisingly, Apple doesn't want to fall behind the times. And so the rumor mill may be proven correct again if Apple is found to really be hiring talent from the medical sensor industry.

    New reports surfacing Thursday indicate that Apple's forthcoming iWatch - or perhaps a different wearable device not presently on the rumor mill's radar - will incorporate a number of medical sensors designed to address everything from diabetic patients to individuals trying to lose weight.

    Apple has begun assembling a team of hardware and software engineering, medical sensor, manufacturing, and fitness experts, indicating the company is moving forward with a project to build a fitness-oriented, sensor-laden wearable computer, according to our sources.
    "Based on new hires, it seems that Apple’s interest in sensors focuses on the ability to measure glucose and other body level information," our friends at 9to5Mac report. "With this data, the product could inform users of vital information in a non-invasive way. These sensors could also pick up more data to give a user a snapshot of their health, which would be ideal for fitness applications."

    Sources: ABI, 9to5Mac
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