• Halfbrick Teases Upcoming Game for iOS: Colossatron

    Halfbrick, the makers of the popular Fruit Ninja game for iOS, are now teasing a new game dubbed Colossatron.

    In Colossatron, you will be battling a giant mechanical snake-like monster that falls from the sky and wants to do nothing more than destroy everything. You will be put behind the controls as General Moustache commands you to send in the infantry to put an end to the monster:

    And he does have a large moustache indeed.

    From the game trailer, it would appear that the mechanical beast is able to grow and shrink depending on the conditions it experiences. It seems the beast can grow, but as you fight it, you can force it to shrink by blowing up individual links in the snake-like body. By the time you get it small enough to destroy it, all that would be left is the head.

    You will use all sorts of firepower to resist the monster, such as cannons, tanks, and even helicopters:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

    YouTube Link

    You can follow the game's Web site to stay up to date on release information via this link.

    Sources: Halfbrick via YouTube
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      Titan3636 -
      Not impressed
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      Magnum -
      Ummmm ok. That was stupid.
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