• Sprint Adding 4G LTE to the Bronx and Brooklyn, Enhancing 3G Network

    Following AT&Tís launch of 4G LTE in seven new United States cities Wednesday morning, Sprint has followed up with an announcement of their own. Sprint has been working on bringing 4G LTE to the Bronx and Brooklyn New York, and expects to have it publicly up and running by Tuesday July 30th.

    In addition, Sprint has announced that the carrier is working hard to improve their 3G network experience in the same location. Improvements are expected to include both coverage and speed for Sprint subscribers.

    Sprintís 4G LTE coverage currently supports 110 U.S. cities and continues to grow. Sprint is behind in the 4G LTE market, as AT&T and Verizon boast several times the amount of cities with 4G LTE coverage and are leading the market in the U.S.

    4G LTE offers a theoretical download speed of about 100Mb/s, but because of the unfortunate realities of network congestion, download speeds on 4G LTE in real life situations on most carriers are more or less about 20-60Mb/s. Sprint has a track record of being significantly slower. On the other hand, Sprint continues to offer unlimited data for its users and just recently announced new Unlimited Guarantee plans following the SoftBank buyout.

    Many of Apple's latest devices, including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad with retina display can take advantage of Sprint's 4G LTE speeds.

    Sources: Sprint
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    1. Eonhpi's Avatar
      Eonhpi -
      Im just about to join the att network from Verizon from sprint figured id give it a shot and see if i like it since its 30 bucks cheaper a month.i was on sprint before Verizon and they are way to slow,since they do not have 4g in my area and i was paying around 80 for sprint about 100 for verizon and now ill be paying 70 so ill see with my unlocked iphone 5
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