• Netflix User Profiles Feature Begins to Surface on the Apple TV

    As originally noted by the folks over at MacRumors, Apple TV customers will be able to soon fully support Netflix’s newly announced user profiles. Although Netflix says that a complete rollout to all the devices will be completed by the end of August, it appears that the feature is partially available today for certain Apple TV and Netflix users.

    The new user profiles give subscribers the ability to create personal viewing accounts that track individual ratings, recently viewed movies/shows, and recommendations. Each account can set different parental controls to differentiate viewing capabilities between parent and child accounts as well.

    The introduction of the individual user profiles is a smart play by Netflix as it gives the company better viewing data between family members and friends who may share the same account. When each user begins to use their individual profile to browse and watch content, Netflix will be able to better focus and cater its recommendations so that each user is better targeted than they are currently. The individual profiles will also allow subscribers to use the social features better, allowing Netflix to reach a larger audience and pull in new subscribers.

    Those of you who have the app will notice the option appears when users first launch the Netflix section on their Apple TV. As of right now profiles cannot be edited or added and selecting one will exit the profiles interface. Netflix says subscribers will soon have the ability to personalize profiles on the web for access on Apple TV and other devices.

    Have any of you had an opportunity to use the new feature?

    Source: Yahoo Tech via MacRumors
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