• Pebble Smartwatch App Gets Updated with Support for Email Notifications for iOS Users

    If you are a Pebble Smartwatch iOS user, itís time to rejoice as the exercise in frustration should come closer to ending. Previously Android users were given the ability to tie the Pebble Smartwatch into their smartphone for various different uses but iOS users werenít given as many potions. Fortunately, iOS users are being given the option to get notified of new emails.

    Fulfilling a promise they previously made several weeks ago, the makers of the Pebble Smartwatch have updated the deviceís official app to support email notifications. The company actually managed to add the feature in their exact promised timeframe as well.

    Now, instead of plugging into iOSí existing mail notification system, you just add your Gmail or generic IMAP account info directly into the Pebble Smartwatch app itself Ė thatís it. Once a new email comes in, youíll get a little notification sent to your Pebble.

    Although the implementation of the feature isnít made in the greatest way, itís better than nothing. As of right now, the granularity of the control leaves a lot to be desired. An example of a quick downside is the lack of an option to set VIP emails or filter which emails popup as a notification and which donít. In time, itís likely that the developers will tackle said issues to improve the user experience.

    Source: iTunes
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    1. LucySterling's Avatar
      LucySterling -
      Are these out yet? I can't wait to get my hands on one.
    1. mlee19841's Avatar
      mlee19841 -
      Yup. All over sites like amazon.
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