• PwnageTool To Jailbreak All Future Firmwares on A4 iDevices

    MuscleNerd, a developer from the Dev-Team, has hinted at the possibility of PwnageTool being able to provide untethered jailbroken firmware creation for ALL future firmware updates on devices that use the A4 chip (iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad).

    "Think we've figured out a way to extend PwnageTool+limera1n+@comex hacks to untethered JBs for all future A4 firmwares " says MuscleNerd via twitter. The announcement gives a bit more confidence to jailbreakers who are afraid of being left out when future updates come, like iOS 4.2 for example. This one being a major update for the iPad users, and losing their jailbreaks could be disappointing if there was no way to jailbreak.

    While Limera1n and Greenpois0n are also considered "exploits for life" for the A4, it is not likely that they would be untethered tools in the future, once Apple patches the exiting tools currently used. PwnageTool on the otherhand, would be able to provide these untethered jailbroken firmwares even after Apple patches the current holes that currently provide us an untethered jb. This once again, is what iPad and iPhone 4 users want to hear, as this means you'll be able to jailbreak, untethered, for "life".

    If this is the case, we may see PwnageTool once again being the main tool for Jailbreaking your iDevices, as we all know, a tethered JB is no fun at all.

    Tomorrow will be the official release, so keep your eyes peeled for Sunday Funday!
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