• Weekly Tweak Recap August 5 - August 11

    In case you've missed out on the new jailbreak tweaks Cydia has seen, this recap will highlight the tweaks we've shown you this week. These are in no specific order.

    1. VideoPane – $1.99

    VideoPane is a new jailbreak tweak that allows users to watch videos and accomplish other tasks simultaneously on their iOS device. With the tweak, a user can make a video play in a separate, but always-present window that can be moved around the display to make room for whatever the user needs to do. The pane can be re-sized, closed, and the video can be controlled from the pane. The tweak works with several video-playing applications including, but not limited to YouTube, Netflix, and Videos. You can read more about VideoPane at this link.

    2. VideoPace – FREE

    While you’re reading about video-enhancing jailbreak tweaks like VideoPane, don’t forget to check out another similarly named tweak called VideoPace. With this jailbreak tweak, you will be able to control how quickly or slowly videos play in several different video-playing applications. You can read more about VideoPace at this link.

    3. EasyIconEdit – FREE

    With EasyIconEdit, you can move more than one application icon around on the home screen at once. Just put the devices into jiggle mode, tap on one or more application icons, and move to a different page to start dropping them in. No more annoying one-by-one application icon placing. You can read more about EasyIconEdit at this link.

    4. Uninstall Application Size – FREE

    Uninstall Application Size lets you know the size of an application in the delete application confirmation message before you delete the application. It works as a friendly reminder of just how much space you will free by deleting the application. You can read more about Uninstall Application Size at this link.

    5. No Percent Sign – FREE

    You can use a jailbreak tweak called No Percent Sign to hide the percent sign from the battery indicator level. This just removes an unnecessary character to reduce Status Bar clutter and make room for more important things. You can read more about No Percent Sign at this link.

    Stay tuned for next week's Weekly Tweak Recap - only on ModMyi!

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