• Yellow iPhone 5C Rear Shell Shown in Recently Released Video

    The low-cost iPhone rumored to be named the “iPhone 5C” hasn’t been announced yet but it seems with all the rumors afloat, everyone is familiar with what to expect. There have been several pictures of its plastic rear shell, with most of them being white, up until now. A new hands-on video claims to have footage of a yellow “iPhone 5C.” Those of you interested in watching the video can do so below:

    The video comes from Sonny Dickson, who seems to have been behind several of the iPhone 5C leaks that have been seen the last few weeks. It gives us an idea of what the yellow model will look like when it is finally released and also how it stands compared to the current iPhone 5 and the upcoming iPhone 5S. Similar to the leaked images of the iPhone 5C, the yellow model seems fitted with a metal chassis that will hold the iPhone 5C’s components in place and all of its holes, including those for the SIM tray and the volume buttons, which have been drilled out. In addition to the white, black and yellow model, the low-cost iPhone is also rumored to come in blue, green and red. It’s likely to have a lot of the iPhone 5’s internals including the same 4-inch Retina display but the lack of aluminum along with other features should make the device a lot cheaper.

    Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5C along with the iPhone 5S at an event rumored to take place on September 10.

    Source: Sonny Dickson
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    1. recellseo's Avatar
      recellseo -
      Nice rear shell but i hope this will be available on any carrier...and also any country..
    1. therandy's Avatar
      therandy -
      garbage in my opinion!
    1. spectrum's Avatar
      spectrum -
      Can't innovate my ...
    1. StuG III's Avatar
      StuG III -
      Looks like junk
    1. docmagoo2's Avatar
      docmagoo2 -
      Does look cheap compared a 5...
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Might look nice in black...
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