• Polished Parlor App Generating Plenty of Talk

    From its conception two years ago to its formal launch out of beta earlier this year, Parlor is changing the social networking landscape as we know it.

    Where it differs from most social networks, which rely on written or text-based communication, Parlor lets us do what comes naturally - talk to one another. Whether its with friends or complete strangers who share a common interest or need, Parlor facilitates communication in a whole new but still familiar way.

    And it's a red-hot app that is zooming in usage and popularity today. A free app (in-call advertising is their business model), version 2.1 hit the App Store earlier this month, delivering a host of teaks and improvements that bolster everything from sound clarity to the chatroulette experience.

    According to a recent App Store review:

    This update makes Parlor 1000x's better. Seems like lots of new ppl are on and I love how there's always someone cool to talk to.
    "Itís not like a party line, itís not a group call, itís just real one-on-one conversation," says Joel Schwartz, CEO of Parlor.

    "Parlor is for people that want to talk about the things that they love, so imagine youíre in a beauty parlor, youíre in a tattoo parlor, youíre in an executive parlor meeting, whatever your parlor is, whatever it is you enjoy to talk about," Schwartz said in a recent interview. "People feel most comfortable talking when itís just real one-on-one conversation."

    To check it out for yourself and connect to somebody else that wants to talk about the same thing at the same time, get Parlor here.

    Source: Parlor
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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      I get nervous talking to people I know, let alone strangers!
    1. reznor9's Avatar
      reznor9 -
      This app bites. Tried it hoping to be able to jump into some ongoing conversations or heated discussions/debates or talk about something interesting. #fail the app is just a bunch of kids wanting to talk dirty to each other and belt out racist slurs.
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