• Plants vs. Zombies 2 Downloaded 16 Million Times Since Launch, More Stuff Coming Soon

    Plants vs. Zombies 2, PopCap’s latest release, has become quite the hit in the App Store since its launch last Thursday. EA announced Tuesday afternoon that the game is the most successful release in the company's history, as the game has already reached 16 million downloads since its initial release.

    According to the company, players have put a lot of time into the game already. EA shares some interesting stats that they have collected since the game’s initial launch last week:

    • 11.4 billion sun tokens have been collected for planting plants
    • Over 2 billion waves of zombies have been attacked
    • More than 4 billion fighting plants have been planted

    EA also tells us that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be getting an update in the future that adds more levels. The company is vague about when it will be released, or what will be in it, but they call the update “Far Future.” Speculation tells us that it might be futuristically themed.

    Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a free download in the App Store that offers in-app purchases. If you would be interested in giving the popular game a try, you can download the latest version of the game from this App Store link.

    Sources: Joystiq
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    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Just got this on my iPad mini pretty fun I guess
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      Imagine all the money they are making!
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Never played but it seems to be very popular. May have to give it a try..
    1. Oceanhawk's Avatar
      Oceanhawk -
      I think something underhanded is going on at the Apple App store with respect to this game. Just go take a look at all the reviews posted in the app store and at least the first several hundred that I scanned thru gave no higher than 1-2 stars, mostly because of the outrageous IAP pricing to progress. However if you look at the rating Apple has listed for the game it shows as 4.5 stars with hardly any 1 or 2 star reviews. Personally I think someone there is artificially raising the score on this because Apple gets a cut of the action.
    1. recellseo's Avatar
      recellseo -
      This news is not really surprising after the first game version i was addicted to this game and i think i will be hooked with this also!
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