• Survey FAIL: 91% - Not 68% - of iPad Users Download Apps

    The results of a survey claiming that 32% of iPad owners had never downloaded an app caused a bit of controversy over the last week, with the usual suspects claiming that nobody uses iPads anyway. Today, the research firm Nielsen quietly updated its report with a new chart, which shows fewer than 9% still have only the preloaded apps. Oops.

    The Nielsen Company, which is a global marketing and advertising research firm best known in the US for doing TV ratings, released its Connected Devices survey [PDF] last week with the first detailed information about iPad usage. While apps were more popular on the iPad than the iPhone in every category but News and Music, confusingly only 63% of users were said to have ever purchased an app, with another 5% getting only free apps. The mixup was fixed today with a brief statement indicating that "this article and the related download have been amended to reflect updates to the percentage of iPad users in the survey downloading apps."

    The strange numbers had been seized upon by people who have been insisting for months that this iPad thing was never going to catch on. Paul Thurrott at Windows IT Pro compared the iPad to the Nintendo Wii and called it "nothing more than a gotta-have-it, trendy, techno-fashion statement, one that people bought to look like they were hip and savvy." Furthermore, Thurrott hilariously suggested that "there could literally be millions of first-generation iPads gathering dust in people's home offices already." However, back in the real world where the rest of us live, 91% of iPad users have downloaded apps, with 62% them being games, followed by books (54%) and music apps (50%).

    There was no explanation of why the totals were so wrong in the original report.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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