• TiVo's New Roamio DVRs to Allow Direct Content Streaming to Apple's iOS Devices

    TiVo recently announced its fair major update to its line of digital video records in three years. The update now gives buyers the opportunity to stream content from a DVR to an iOS-powered device such as an iPhone or iPad. The new line of Roamio DVRs are now stepping onto territory that was previously occupied by devices such as the Slingbox, though TiVo’s new lineup has a wider feature set than does the Slingbox. In adding streaming to mobile functionality, the new DVRs have all the previous features of the pre-existing TiVo device.

    As of right now, most of the Roamio DVRs will be able to stream live and recorded content to iOS devices outside of the home, but that functionality will not be made available until a few months after the Roamio line launches. The capability is likely to come in the form of a future firmware update.

    The Roamio line will also have capabilities similar to Google’s recently unveiled Chromecast streaming device. Users will be given the option to start up a YouTube video or Netflix movie/TV shows on an iPhone or iPad and then have the TiVo begin streaming the content.

    The new product lineup will come in the following three models:

    • The basic TiVo Roamio, priced at $200, will allow users to watch or record up to four simultaneous shows. It will also record up to 75 hours of HD video, but it will not be able to stream content to mobile devices without the $130 TiVo Stream.
    • The Roamio Plus, for $400, will record up to six simultaneous shows and can hold up to 150 hours of HD video. It will have the iOS streaming functionality built in.
    • At the high-end of the line will be the Roamio Pro. That device will record up to 450 hours of HD video and will have all of the streaming capabilities of the Roamio Plus. It will retail for $600.
    Are any of you interested in TiVo’s new offering?

    Source: TiVo
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