• Is this the next iPhone running the new iOS?

    Tinhte, the people who have previously shown off many Apple prototypes, including a test iPhone 4, a MacBook prior to refresh, and a pic of an iPod touch with a camera, well before any of these were announced officially by Apple, are at it again, this time sporting a white iPhone that they say is running a "test version" of iOS.

    If this is in fact the iPhone 5, it sure it looks a lot like the iPhone 4, which if you've been keeping up with the latest rumors, should not be a surprise. It's expected that a majority of the upgrades are happening on the inside of this flashy white phone. The same source has released a second video that shows off the phone's hardware, and lo and behold this thing's sporting a 64 GB hard drive.

    The short videos show off the new interface for a bit, particularly highlighting a brand new multitasking interface. The current multitasking of iOS 4 has allegedly been replaced by an expose-like (and similar to the multifl0w cydia tweak) interface that reveals all of your open applications. A tap brings you back to that app, and a long hold brings up the typical wiggling icons and allows you to close the app in the background. Also in the multitasking expose is the familiar spotlight search, which seems to be gone from its usual spot to the left of the home screen.

    Finally, the prototype iOS (which still has an iOS 4 build number) also includes long-awaited Facebook integration, which is now located in the settings menu. Although, we can't be fully sure this is the same iOS update we'll see in June, there's a good chance this is, we most likely won't know for sure until WWDC in a little over a month.

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