• Rumors of China Mobile Deal Intensify

    As MMi reported yesterday, Apple began distributing media invites on Wednesday to an event that will take place in China on September 11th.

    The only way Apple would hold a media event in China the day after a U.S.-based event is if Apple has something "huge" to announce for Chinese consumers, say industry analysts and market watchers.

    In fact, Apple's Beijing presence screams potential cooperation between the iPhone-maker and Chinaís largest mobile carrier, China Mobile.

    Although a monumental announcement is expected and hyped by virtue of the unprecedented move to hold a media event in China to launch a new iPhone, there are other aspects of the new device unveiling that could warrant an event of its own.

    If, for example, a China Mobile deal isn't announced, the next most likely reason Apple is coming to China is to announce that the iPhone 5S and/or iPhone 5C will launch in China at the same time it hits other markets. In previous years, China has only debuted refreshed iPhones months after they've reached consumers elsewhere.

    "In the past, Chinese consumers, some of Appleís most rabid fans, have had to wait for months after the official launch for the phone to come out in the country, leading some to travel elsewhere to purchase phones and bring them back to the country to sell at a premium without the aftersales services one gets from a legitimate Apple purchase," a new WSJ blog entry reads.

    Source: WSJ
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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      This just strengthens my theory that the 5C is the China-only iPhone. I don't think we'll see it here in the States - Apple has saturated the US market just fine with the expensive version.

      Of course, only 6 more days and we find out for sure.
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