• The CURB is a Laptop Stand That Can Keep Your MacBook Running Cooler

    The CURB is a new project from designed by m, the makers of the AL13 Aluminum bumper case for iPhone.

    The CURB is basically a rubberized, triangular-shaped, and lightweight laptop stand for your laptop that can help keep it running cooler, and place the keyboard at a more ergonomic angle that can make it more comfortable to type for long periods of time. The rubberized material that the CURB is made out of allows it to grip to most laptop surfaces.

    Because the laptop is being propped at a higher angle rather than flat on a desk, this offers more breathing space underneath the laptop so that the airflow improves and allows heat to be dissipated faster. The CURB offers two different elevation angles, which you can choose based on your preference:

    The MacBook Pro, with its aluminum base, can feel extremely hot on your legs when you’re working with it. In addition to use on flat desk surfaces, the CURB can be used on your lap to increase the airflow between the laptop and your legs to prevent surface burns to your skin:

    The CURB also includes a slot in the middle so you can route your power adapter wire, or any other important wires, in between your computer and the CURB to keep them from falling when you're working:

    You can watch the creators’ video about the CURB below:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

    YouTube Video

    The CURB will be launching in October of this year, but it is available for pre-order right now from the designed by m Web page. The price for one of these useful tools is just $12.99, and it comes in several different colors to choose from including white, light gray, dark gray, blue, green, and pink.
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