• Apple Secures Patent for Wireless Activation

    At this point, Apple could very well have its own parking space outside of the United States Patent & Trademark Office. The Cupertino, California company has been awarded yet another interesting patent, this time relating to the wireless activation of its mobile devices.

    All told, this week alone, the US Patent and Trademark published a series of 18 newly granted patents for Apple, though the one most people are talking about is the patent that "relates to methods and systems for service provider activation in mobile iOS devices."

    According to one aspect of the invention, the service provider signing process may be repeated for different SIM cards such that more than one activation ticket may be stored on the device. Each activation ticket stored on the device corresponds to one of the SIM cards that were inserted into the device during the signing process. In this manner, the mobile device may be prepared for activation with different service providers corresponding to the different SIM cards used during the signing process (as long as the subscriber accounts with those service providers are still valid at the time of activation).
    Simply put, if the technology described above is to be found in the iPhone 5, then buyers of the 5th generation smartphone will have the option to switch between networks. If this happens, it would certainly take carriers down a peg in terms of the influence they will respectively exert over the next generation iPhone.

    With few major updated features expected in the iPhone 5, many believe that Apple will, instead, focus on giving owners more control over their iPhone. Certainly, if the wireless activation and associated features contained in Apple's slate of new patents are implemented, the iPhone 5 will clearly represent a step in the right direction for returning greater control to iPhone owners.

    Source: Patently Apple
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