• Google Starts Inviting Users to Try Chrome Data Compression on the iOS Platform

    If you happen to use Google’s Chrome browser for the iPhone or iPad, you may want to update and check it out today. Google recently introduced a new feature to Chrome that can reduce mobile data usage by over 50%. The feature is currently invite-only during its testing period unfortunately. The work is quite similar to the efforts made by Opera over the past few years with Chrome’s new technology optimizing images in a number of different ways.

    One of the ways that Chrome optimizes is by taking all the JPEG, PNGs and GIFs on a webpage and automatically converts them to a Google’s ultra-efficient WebP format, which can shrink them by up to 60%. They also strip out all the stuff you don’t need such as desktop specific JavaScript and CSS, HTML comments, whitespace and anything else you don’t actually need to render the page. This type of technology was previously found on Android and has been available on Google’s own operating system as part of the Chrome Beta for Android, where it’s been since March. This is the first time that the functionality has been made available on Apple’s iOS platform however.

    If you do a lot of web browsing you’ll notice it can make a big difference. Unfortunately right now, the new Chrome feature seems to be invite-only so not a lot of people are able to use it. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, you should know just by opening Chrome up.

    Source: TechCrunch
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Wow..sounds like something I should be excited about.
    1. micro_master's Avatar
      micro_master -
      Lucky me

    1. hybirdd's Avatar
      hybirdd -
      Already had this since last month
    1. AUZambo's Avatar
      AUZambo -
      Quote Originally Posted by hybirdd View Post
      Already had this since last month
      Me too...I also assume everyone is "invited" when you install the update.
    1. DieselVexx's Avatar
      DieselVexx -
      Anyone here knows if Chrome Downloader works with this version?
    1. quidam_brujah's Avatar
      quidam_brujah -
      This is different from Opera Turbo mode, how?
      J'accuse, Google! J'accuse!
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