• 3.2 SDK Support for Handwriting, USB Keyboards Found

    Ryan Petrich, the developer behind great projects like Action Menu and ProSwitcher (with chpwn), has pored over the iPhone 3.2 SDK and given us a rundown of what's built in. The SDK supports a lot of new functionality, which provides interesting hints as to features the iPad may support either when it ships seven weeks from now, or in a future model.

    Some of the revelations - such as possible support for a Java virtual machine and a handwriting keyboard - are fairly unexpected, while others like gesture support, have been tipped for some time. Petrich also notes some support for doing things that have heretofore been jailbreak-only, like adding items to the Select/Cut/Copy/Paste callout (which you can do on the iPhone using Petrich's Action Menu) and spellcheck/correction on input fields (which can be done with Petrich's Inspell).

    Also interesting and amusing is Apple's internal name for the iPad, as revealed by the value returned when the system queries what type of device it's running on: "Wildcat."

    The full list, from rpetrich:

    • Support for Kerberos and NegotiateV2 HTTP authentication schemes
    • CoreText framework for advanced typography support
    • A simplified API for formatted text
    • Built-in regular expression engine now accessible to developers
    • Much richer Movie player API
    • Richer CoreAnimation properties (layers can have shadows and effects; effects can be rasterized for speed)
    • Text layers for optimized drawing of formatted text
    • Simplified Beizer path drawing API (formerly a private API)
    • User-accessible filesystem and built in view controllers for accessing them (note: applications that access files directly and not through controller probably won't be approved)
    • Simplified gesture recognizer API (available in 3.0 as a private API; some of us have been using this already
    • Simple CoreGraphics PDF-creation API
    • Ability for applications to add custom items to the select/cut/copy/paste menu (similar to what my ActionMenu does)
    • Spell-checker in text fields and web views with support for multiple languages, grammar checking (English-only), address book integration, user added words and SDK access (via AppleSpell; similar to what my Inspell product does)
    • Custom keyboard views; hardware keyboard (possibly via USB: USBKeyboardLayouts.plist or Bluetooth?)
    • Support for querying attached screens (AppStore-permitted external display support?)
    • Simplified zoom support for standard scroll views
    • SpringBoard maintains orientation
    • Support for hardware media keys (not sure what this is)
    • Ability to set the desktop background (private)
    • The beginnings of file upload support in Safari
    • iPad codename: Wildcat ([[UIDevice currentDevice] isWildcat])
    • Legacy code from iPhone 1.x is still around :P (if stripped out, could save some RAM for memory-constrained devices)
    • Swipe and flick gestures on keyboard
    • Split-view and popover styles
    • Handwriting keyboard is being prototyped
    • "Book" view controller
    • "Peripheral views" are being prototyped (not 100% sure what this is, but appears to be plugins that hardware vendors can inject into all applications?)
    • Possible integrated Java Virtual Machine (in the public frameworks path, but only for Simulator?)
    • Support for DMG and other disk image formats (in the public frameworks path?)
    • Printer support is being prototyped
    • Speech Synthesis is mentioned in public headers (is currently a private API)
    • Slideshow integration with iLife
    • USB Host for transferring images is being prototyped (perhaps Wildcat only? supports PTP only currently)
    • Ads are being tested for the integrated maps application
    • MobileStorageMounter (ability to mount mobile storage?)
    • Included dictionaries: Apple Dictionary, New Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus, Shogakukan Daijisen, Shogakukan Progressive English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary, and Shogakukan Ruigo Reikai Jiten

    Separately, Engadget notes, in its review of the 3.2 SDK, at least potential support for a video camera and the ability to accept or decline a video conference, and also to flip a video feed. This last feature, as Engadget's Nilay Patel points out, would suggest a front-facing camera: which is an omission that was mentioned by many as a significant disappointment when the iPad was announced. The SDK would also support playing a video feed in full screen mode or in a corner of the screen. Patel notes that this implies some form of multitasking will be supported, or at least a "multitasking-like" functionality like the suspend/resume method used by the iPod app and exploited by apps like Backgrounder.

    image via Engadget
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