• Gone in a "Flash." Adobe References Pulled From iPad Promos

    First you see it. Now you don't.

    Apple has effectively pulled the plug on promotional iPad content from the Apple website, which had previously alluded to Adobe Flash content.

    The Adobe Flash fiasco comes after Steve Jobs "inadvertently navigated to a page with Flash content" during the iPad's big reveal and live demonstration last week. The entire situation, of course, drew ire from some, particularly Adrian Ludwig, Flash Marketing Manager for Adobe, who "expressed his dismay in a frustrated post - called "Apple's iPad -- a broken link?" - on the Flash Platform blog."

    From Apple Insider:

    On Friday, misleading content that implied the inclusion of Adobe Flash in the iPad's Safari Web browser was noted. In an image and a video on Apple's Web site, content from The New York Times Web site that could only be displayed in Flash was shown on the iPad.
    This weekend, however, Apple is setting the record straight - not with an announcement, but with the removal of a now-controversial component of an ad that turned up on Apple's website after the iPad debuted.

    While the changes made to rectify the situation were relatively minimal, they certainly drew a great deal of attention - both to the iPad and Adobe, which continue to teeter on the verge of a love affair just waiting to happen.

    The image on the front page of Apple's site has been changed from the Flash photo slideshow to a story about the 1,300th anniversary of the city of Nara, Japan. Previously, it showed a picture from the story "The 31 Places to Go in 2010," with a Flash-only image of a beach in Montenegro.
    Images via Apple Insider
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