• Popular YourTube Tweak Updated With Support for YouTube 2.0

    YourTube, the popular extension for the YouTube application from CocoaNuts that adds many new features to the application, has been updated with support for version 2.0 of the free YouTube application in the App Store. The current version of the tweak is 6.5.5-6.

    Version 2.0 of YouTube brought the application a brand new interface, which is what originally broke the tweak.

    YourTube allows YouTube users to download YouTube videos quickly with built-in download acceleration, block YouTube ads, play YouTube videos in the background, import downloaded media to the iOS media applications, choose YouTube video quality, and much more.

    Existing users of the YourTube tweak will be able to download the update for free. If you donít already own YourTube for iOS 6, itís available in Cydiaís BigBoss repository for $4.99.
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    1. Sk37cH's Avatar
      Sk37cH -
      Sweet!! Thank you.
    1. JinOnyxMusic's Avatar
      JinOnyxMusic -
      It's still making the YouTube on my iPhone crash every time that I try to launch it. I have to disable the YourTube substrate add-on from SBSettings to get it to work. I don't think the issue has been completely resolved. I've tried this with legit tweaks of ProTube and YourTube. Both still make the YouTube app crash.
    1. Sage I's Avatar
      Sage I -
      I already miss having YourTube and was waiting for that update... Now I'm on iOS 7 on a 5s so no go on this device... But I guess I still have my iPhone 4 as an iPod touch and will keep Checking in on Cydia to keep up with what's up... Now instead of using YouTube on my Apple TV or using my 5s to AirPlay or mirror the YouTube app I can use my old phone with the updated YouTube and YourTube and AirPlay that without ads...
    1. SuncoastDave's Avatar
      SuncoastDave -
      Works great here, both iPhone 4S and Ipad 3.
      Updated youtube on the ipad when it came out - crash. Removed yourtube, restart springboard, youtube works. When yourtube came out just added and it works.
      On the phone, I held back the youtube update til this came out. Updated yourtube, then updated youtube, and it worked too. (So, it isn't depending on the order they're loaded.)
    1. SuncoastDave's Avatar
      SuncoastDave -
      It's broken again. Youtube update 2.1.0 breaks yourtube. Strangely enough, with yourtube installed, the YouTube app complains you don't have the latest version, but, I do.

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