• Omni Group Planning Sweet Productivity Apps for iPad

    Omni Group isn't wasting any time in capitalizing on the new iPad platform. This weekend we learned that Omni Group is in the
    process of initially bringing five of their productivity apps to the iPad. The offering will reportedly include: OmniGraffle,
    OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, OmniFocus, and OmniGraphSketcher.

    We’re really excited about Apple’s iPad, and we want to make all of our products available for it as soon as we can. Yes, we already had a big year planned for 2010, with several long-anticipated major product releases—but we think iPad is really important: important enough to spend some time juggling our plans to figure out how we can introduce five new iPad apps.
    The announcement from Omni Group is just the beginning of a new wave of app migrations that will have some old, some new, and some already familiar applications transitioning to the iPad later this year. Omni Group, in fact, is putting so much emphasis on the iPad platform, that other software projects are reportedly being immediately (and indefinitely) shelved in order to accommodate the world of opportunity engendered by the iPad's release.

    This is a big undertaking, and we can’t do it all at once. We started working on iPad adaptations of OmniGraffle and OmniFocus as soon as the SDK was made available Wednesday afternoon, and we’re hoping to get started with OmniGraphSketcher for iPad within the next few weeks.
    While Omni Group is publicly unveiling their plans, it's anyone's guess who else is rapidly putting the wheels in motion on a slate of new iPad app offerings - the result of which could trigger a chain effect that, according to some analysts, will temporarily change the direction and momentum of app development. For the time being, we may very well witness a major pullback from iPhone and iPod applications and, instead, observe a tidal wave of iPad-specific applications to immediately flood this new market with enough new offerings to make your head spin.

    What does this mean for our non-iPad apps? Well, for the apps we’re bringing to iPad immediately there will be a bit of a delay in their next major Mac release cycle.
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