• Apple Rumored to be working on a 12" iPad with Partner Manufacturer Quanta

    A recent report coming from the Far East claim that Apple is teaming up with longtime partner manufacturer Quanta Computer to develop a 12-inch version of the iPad, reigniting speculation that the company is thinking about a larger tablet model. According to Chinese publication, United Daily News, Apple is actively working on a larger-screened iPad that will supposedly be constructed by Quanta.

    The Taiwan-based manufacturer has produced Apple products for several years, including notebooks, the video iPod in 2006 and more recently, the latest MacBook Air models. The recent report claims Quanta is looking to diversify away from thin-and-light laptop production as the market is quickly being taken over by tablets like the iPad. Analysts expect the rise of the tablet to also negatively impact Apple’s own MacBook sales, causing some to speculate a wider range of iPad offerings may be on the horizon.

    Speculation and rumors of a bigger iPad form factor aren’t new. A previous report from The Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple is exploring a possible 13-inch tablet to meet consumer demands for larger screens.

    Although we aren’t certain about a larger-sized iPad as of yet, we do know that Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPad lineup later this fall with the highlight being a supposedly redesigned 9.7-inch model that borrows its styling from the current iPad mini. If the numerous parts “leaks” that have been circulating the web are in fact legitimate, the device will borrow the slimmer design with thinner side bezels and a chassis that is curvier. Also rumored to be revealed is an iPad mini with a Retina display, though once again no hard evidence has surfaced.

    What are your thoughts on a 12-inch iPad? Would you get one if it was offered?

    Source: United Daily News via Mac Otakara
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    1. vikrants's Avatar
      vikrants -
      Nope. Too big.
    1. Evaded's Avatar
      Evaded -
      To big, 10" is big enough...
    1. justinpotter81's Avatar
      justinpotter81 -
      That's what she said 😜
    1. slim.jim's Avatar
      slim.jim -
      Put an i5 in it and OS X Mavericks and show Microsoft how it's done.
    1. rockyseay's Avatar
      rockyseay -
      I can't handle 12" (that's not what she said. It's just to dang big.
    1. kalpesh78's Avatar
      kalpesh78 -
      Quote Originally Posted by vikrants View Post
      Nope. Too big.
      Depends on its usage. Its perfect for display purposes (against regular LED TVs we put to display photos of our products)
      I think I'll like the 12 inch display.
    1. Evaded's Avatar
      Evaded -
      Quote Originally Posted by justinpotter81 View Post
      That's what she said 😜
      +1 (Should have saw that coming lol)
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I like my 10 inch iPad however some may really like the 12 inch because the 12 inch is closer to a laptop in size. The 12 inch may be good for people that have a hard time seeing to but my concerns would be weight and how awkward it would be using one.
    1. Evaded's Avatar
      Evaded -
      My concern would be the weight of it. I like my Mini because it isn't as heavy as the 10". Larger display might be nice if they keep the weight down.
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by slim.jim View Post
      Put an i5 in it and OS X Mavericks and show Microsoft how it's done.
      + A Million!

      If they did this, I'd be very happy BUT we all know that's not gonna happen. 😞 I'd actually prefer a desktop iPad (15") that's not used for constant transport but for at-home use. It would allow comfortable typing while being portable from room to room. Basically a laptop w/out being a laptop.
    1. vsnRainDev's Avatar
      vsnRainDev -
      Oh wow that sh*t again. Apple start to spread some "rumors" about new devices that no one cares about (ok, maybe a few people). Everyone ranting about how stupid it is. Then Phill Schiller at keynote will say "So we made it because everyone was so excited with rumors"
      Bullsh*t, no one was excited and no one is (except apple marketologists who already count their money from 12" iPads and 5,5" iPhones that will be definitely a fail).
    1. politicalslug's Avatar
      politicalslug -
      There is definitely a market for larger tablets and touchscreen Macs. The people complaining here are the ones who think the products they like are the only ones worth making, and everyone else must be an idiot for liking something else. Get over it! Variety is the spice of life!
    1. Rcworship's Avatar
      Rcworship -
      You can get a MacBook Air smaller than that!
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rcworship View Post
      You can get a MacBook Air smaller than that!
      I already do but it's not touchscreen!
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      For that large of a tablet, they might as well make a brand new laptop.
    1. Scheuerle's Avatar
      Scheuerle -
      Bring it on! I have great big hands and fat fingers, bigger is better for my physiognomy.
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