• NTT DoCoMo To Sell iPad SIM Cards?

    If you've read the Daily Yomiuri Online lately (and who hasn't), then perhaps you've been introduced to the speculation.

    We at ModMyi, however, did a little poking around and it seems that all sources point to a forthcoming reality that NTT Docomo Inc. may begin selling SIM cards for Apple's new iPad tablet computer. This, of course, will create a situation in Japan where such cards can be interchangeably placed between different carriers' cell phones.

    Pretty cool, huh?

    A subscriber identity module card, commonly known as a SIM card, is a small electronic card that records a cell phone subscriber's phone number and the details of their subscription. A cell phone will not work until a SIM card is inserted, and
    cell phones in Japan are SIM-locked, which means their SIM cards cannot be used in handsets sold by different carriers.
    Japan will be introduced to the iPad model with wireless capability late next month, while the 3G model will turn up closer to June. But according to said "sources," the 3G model will be SIM-lock free. Consequently, if Docomo moves ahead with selling SIM cards for the iPad, a landmark will be set.

    According to the Wireless Federation:

    With this development, Japan will eventually come in line with other countries, where such cards can be switched freely between different carriers’ cell phones. In Japan, cell phones are SIM-locked which means their SIM cards cannot be used in handsets sold by different carriers.
    It should be noted, however, that iPad SIM cards are roughly half the size of a typical SIM card for cell phones used in Japan.

    What does that mean? No compatibility, my friends. Nonetheless, it's something we iPhone users will have to adjust to as well.
    The introduction of micro SIMs will, indeed, preclude iPhone subscribers from simply popping their current SIM into Apple's new iPad.

    Image via Apple
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