• The iPad Gets an iFund to Promote Revolutionary Thinking and Achievement

    Several years ago while working for E! Entertainment Television, it quickly became obvious to me how E! Online pioneer Kevin Wendle was passionate about the potential of technology.

    Naturally, it comes as no surprise that Wendle is now partnering with other web entrepreneurs like MusicNation co-founder Daniel Klaus to kick off a new venture called AppFund. The point? To help developers design apps for Apple's revolutionary devices, especially the soon-to-be released iPad.

    We believe that the iPad is a transformative device that is going to have wide ranging uses and applications in enterprise environments, entertainment, content, social networking, games and small business.
    Kind of makes you want to burst out into an Apple-themed rendition of "We are the world," doesn't it?

    This iFund, indeed, has enormous potential given the potential it stands to unleash from developers and other inspired minds
    that may now have an opportunity to finally bring their creative genius to life.

    And don't think the big guns won't be rolled out to make it happen. The website is promising as little as $5,000 and up to $500,000 for "full scale development, marketing, and deployment."

    While it's much too early to assess how this will all play out, what could prove just as - if not more - important as the money available for this endeavor is the consistent, steady, and experienced mentoring that will accompany developers on their journey into iPad app development - a brave new world for us all.

    For more info, check out The AppFund.com
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