• Hulu To Work Around Flash For iPad?

    They say people do crazy things for love. And if it's true that Hulu is in love with the iPad and its potential, something "crazy" may be on the horizon for the second largest video distribution website on the Internet.

    Although Apple continues to crank out new products and devices that can't accommodate flash, Hulu isn't going to wait around for Cupertino to get with the program. If rumors are to be believed, Hulu is hard at work on a flash work-around that will enable the iPad to play videos from the hugely popular website. Sound too good to be true? It might be. But one could certainly observe how this move would work to the advantage of both Hulu and Apple. And for that reason, perhaps Hulu and Apple will pull off a marriage made in digital heaven.

    It should be noted, of course, that the bulk of Hulu's content is in a format that will be accommodated by the iPad - H.264. The nagging commercials that interrupt our favorite videos, however, require flash. Without the ads, Hulu wouldn't have a problem moseying on over to the iPad. Except, that is, for the gazillion dollars it would lose from the disappearance of its advertising revenue model.

    Yet, as my ModMyi colleague Paul reported earlier this week, persistent indications reveal that Apple may use the iPad to propel its TV distribution system through iTunes. Whether Apple pushes downloadable content through iTunes for a small fee or allows other video distribution or streaming services to dwell on the iPad platform, it's evident that Apple's tablet will be the king of digital content absorption - something that's kind of difficult to imagine without Hulu's involvement. So if Hulu remains serious about a paid model of programming and content distribution, the iPad could fit perfectly into the video juggernaut's ambitious and potentially lucrative plans.
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