• Kevin Smith Anything But 'Silent Bob' at Macworld

    So Steve Jobs decides not to show up at Macworld. No worries, says Macworld organizers. Kevin Smith is on speed dial. But now that the controversial and colorful film director has made his much-hyped appearance, are the powers that be at Macworld still glad they called on Kevin Smith?

    At the Macworld Expo in San Francisco today, Kevin Smith took the stage and the breath away from many in the audience who were astounded by Smith's colorful vocabulary during his presentation. But once you sift through all the swear words and their creative couplings, there was a message within the madness: the iPad is going to change movies forever.

    In an attempt at humor, Smith told the audience how he sees the iPad being used in film: "I'm sure it will be used to kill someone in a movie. It will be used to brain someone and it will totally stick out of someone's head, and Steve Jobs will see it and say, 'That's not what we meant it for.'"

    Smith spoke briefly to how modern technologies and devices like Apple's iPad will change the way the masses absorb digital content including television programs and movies. But for the most part, the Dogma director waxed on about everything from Jim Cameron's "Avatar" to how the independent film industry is struggling. There were also references to pot, Jay Leno, and other off-color topics of discussion.

    Are you a little curious as to why the stage was yielded to Kevin Smith at Macworld for an occasionally rambling, profanity-filled monologue that has little (if anything) to do with the gadgets, technologies, and developers that made Macworld a prominent event in the first place? If you figure it out, let me know. I'm just as baffled.

    Yes, Kevin Smith is famous. And, yes, Macworld needed a "headliner" of sorts with Apple's departure utterly deflating the event. But did Kevin Smith extend the life of and enthusiasm for an Apple-less Macworld, or did this incongruous presentation effectively put the nails in Macworld's coffin? I'm leaning toward that latter.
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