• Apple Has a New Tablet Competitor... Fisher-Price?

    Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon the toddlers among us will grow up to be tech-savvy computer gurus to a degree we've likely never seen.

    But, as it turns out, Apple won't be the first technology juggernaut to get its hands on the next generation of computer folk. It looks like Fisher-Price has beaten Cupertino to the punch.

    The beloved and familiar maker of kids toys and learning resources is preparing to launch the iXL, which is being hailed as a kiddie version of the iPad. Designed for children aged 3 to 6, the iXL is wicked cool. It comes packed with a digital photo album, e-book reader, music player, note pad, even an art studio, and, naturally, a game player.

    Could this be the "game changer" in children's toys?

    Well, according to Sean McGowan, a toy industry analyst at Needham & Co., it makes sense for kids to develop a desire for high tech toys. After all, when a little one sees their parents or siblings playing with iPhones and iPads, eventually their Legos (or whatever kids play with today) will begin to seem... well, kind of lame.

    Obviously, Fisher-Price isn't going to eat into Apple's market share today. But in a roundabout way, Fisher-Price's new offering may help Apple do better business than ever in years to come - you know, when these kids grow up and want to upgrade their iXL to whatever product Apple will be pushing at that time.

    Fisher- Price is formally introducing the world to the $79.99 "toy" this weekend at the Toy Fair in New York. Parents, however, won't actually be able to purchase the iXL until July.

    Image via yourcomputergenius.com
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