• Apple Introduces iPhone Trade-in Program in the United Kingdom

    Following the successful launch of its iPhone trade-in program here in the U.S., the iDevice maker is now doing the same across the pond.

    "iPhones hold great value," Apple said today. "So, Apple Retail Stores in the UK are launching a new program to assist customers who wish to bring in their previous-generation iPhone for reuse or recycling."

    "In addition to helping support the environment," the statement continues, "customers will be able to receive a credit for their returned phone that they can use toward the purchase of a new iPhone."

    Although Apple hasn't confirmed it yet, there's also chatter of Apple rolling out its trade-in program in other Apple retail hotspots around Europe.

    Apple's official website in the U.K. has now been updated to offer customers insight as to what the value of their iPhone is if they proceed with a trade-in.

    Source: Apple UK
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    1. Thatstastic's Avatar
      Thatstastic -
    1. xFURxBURGERSx's Avatar
      xFURxBURGERSx -
      iPhone 5 32GB White Locked to O2 No damage perfect condition 115. Get it unlocked 230. Trade in is abysmal.
    1. rocky5's Avatar
      rocky5 -
      iPhone5 32gb unlocked 7 month old, cost 600 230 pish.
    1. zrevai's Avatar
      zrevai -
      Any trade in program no matter who it's through is going to give you significantly less than you paid for your device. They can't give you anywhere near what they would resell the device for or they couldn't make a profit to cover operating expenses to keep the trade in program running. Trade in programs are a convenience service and will give you fast easy access to cash/gift cards but you will pay a huge "convenience fee" versus selling your device yourself.

      How is it that people don't understand that every single trade in program has operating costs??? That you will never get the full resale value of what you're trading in because they must make a profit or companies like Gazelle could not exist!!! It's no different than a used car the car has a resell value, Blue Book price, and that is the highest price you should expect if you sell it directly. If you trade it in toward a new car the dealer will not pay you that Blue Book price because that's what they will sell it for and if the dealer paid you that price they would have to sell it for more than its worth!!!

      If an iPhone has an estimated resell value of $400, then if you trade it in you can not expect to be paid top dollar by a reseller because they can not sell it for more than its estimated value. Would anyone who's complaining about low trade in values actually pay more than the devices estimated value for a used device??? Because that's what would end up happening if these trade in programs were to pay you the full value of your used device!!! It's basic economics for any business to earn a profit and if you want the full value for your device you should sell it yourself!!!
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