• 1Password Updated with New Web Browser Options, Wi-Fi Syncing and More

    After the recent release of 1Password 4 for the Mac platform, the developer, AgileBits, recently released an accompanying point update for the iOS version of its popular password storage and digital wallet software. The recent update restores features like Wi-Fi syncing, fixes several bugs and sports supports a web browser selection feature and improves compatibility with the app’s Mac client.

    One of the more important additions in this update was the ability to change the built-in browser’s user-agent from the default “1Browser” to Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The new option is meant to help users having trouble with webpages or sites that may not load when opened with 1Password.

    Wi-Fi syncing was also one of the several bugs that was fixed, restoring Wi-Fi syncing between iOS and Mac versions of the same app. When AgileBits released 1Password 4 for Mac, cross-platform syncing was deactivated, limiting users to hardwired data transfer or cloud-based methods via Dropbox and iCloud. This is no longer the case with the return of Wi-Fi syncing and now, custom icons which have been added to saved passwords on the Mac version also appear correctly with 1Password for iOS.

    As with several other app updates recently, this version provides support for iOS 7 with improved initial iCloud sync performance, faster search speeds and the ability to receive diagnostic information in the form of an email. Bug fixes in the update account for most of the changes made to this iteration of 1Password, including the following:

    • Fixed visual issues with search results on iOS 7.
    • Fixed bug that where 1Password process did not terminate after Erase Data.
    • Fixed problem where iCloud sync did not start automatically on the initial launch.
    • Fixed bug where it was not possible to change the name of an item.
    • Fixed sorting and indentation of folders when viewing them in the popover.
    • Fixed crash when using voice over and generate password.
    • Fixed crash when syncing with Dropbox.
    • Fixed problem where sync status would always be shown at the very beginning for a few seconds when switching to the settings view.
    Those of you interested in downloading 1Password for iOS version 4.3 can do so from the App Store. The 24.8 MB update is free for users who already have a paid copy and will set those who don’t have a copy back $17.99.

    Source: iTunes
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    1. WHUDS's Avatar
      WHUDS -
      Wow 17.99!
    1. Scotty Manley Silberhorn's Avatar
      Scotty Manley Silberhorn -
      Yeah for 17.99 my note card box doesn't look so bad!
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      And their version for Mac if I am not mistaking is $39.99
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