• Twitter Rolling Out Feature to Let You Receive Direct Messages From Any Follower

    In an unexpected move, Twitter is now rolling out a feature for the popular social networking service to let anyone that follows you send you a Direct Message, as The Verge notes.

    In some cases this may be a good thing, especially for businesses, as someone can reach out to you about something that you might not want everyone to see. Twitter Mentions can be seen by just about anybody, whereas Direct Messages are private between the two users only.

    It used to be that you could only carry out a Direct Message conversation on Twitter if you followed that person and they followed you, but with this new user-enabled feature, users will be able to let their followers get in touch with them privately whether they’re following the person or not.

    Because the user of the Twitter account would need to enable this feature, there’s really no chance that the user is going to suddenly start getting spam messages out of nowhere from followers just because Twitter is rolling out the feature. In the event that the user doesn't like the idea of getting random Direct Messages from just anyone, the user could just disable the feature from their account settings.

    Whether or not the feature will be used much by users, it's good to see Twitter offering more options for their users.

    Sources: The Verge
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