• Free Hulu For iPad Not Likely?

    Shortly after the iPad's official introduction last month, many (myself included) couldn't help but envision the innumerable digital content providers that the tablet virtually beckoned to by mere virtue of its existence. One of the streaming video services at the forefront of such consideration, naturally, was Hulu, the second largest video streaming entity in existence.

    For several weeks here on ModMyi we've provided updates on the status of a possible Hulu relationship with the iPad. When morsels of news or speculation would manifest, we'd jump all over it. During our most recent inquiry into the possible Hulu-iPad marriage, there was widespread talk of Hulu possibly coming to the iPad free of charge.

    Seem to go to be true? It looks as though it is.

    This weekend we're hearing that its all but certain that Hulu will, indeed, reach the iPad - but with a yet-to-be-determined price tag. Obviously, its a huge disappointment to many, but like the major content providers that keep Hulu up and running (NBC, ABC, Fox, etc.), the streaming video service requires income. And if the present flash-based advertising model for Hulu will have to be scrapped in order to accommodate the anti-flash iPad, Hulu has got to take a profit somehow.

    So the mystery of whether or not Hulu will come to the iPad has been all but officially solved. The biggest mystery now is just how much Hulu will charge and how their iPad revenue model will work.

    Will you pay for Hulu on the iPad?
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