• Apple's Inventory Suggests New MacBook Pros Imminent and non-Retina iPad May Continue

    A supposed last minute snapshot of Apple’s indirect channel inventory ahead of the company’s upcoming media event supports expectations of new Retina MacBook Pros, 9.7-inch fifth-gen iPads and a redesigned Mac Pro but shows a surprisingly large stock of Apple TVs and the popular iPad minis. The data supposedly originates from one of Apple’s indirect channels that support big-box retailers and resellers and not the channels that serve the company’s own online and retail stores. The information should therefore be used only to supplement existing information surrounding the company’s upcoming product launches on October 22 as it doesn’t offer conclusive evidence in all cases.

    According to one of the people who claim to be familiar with the data, inventory levels of Apple’s $329 16 GB iPad mini WiFi and $429 32 GB iPad mini WiFi remain “shockingly” high, with the remainder of the existing iPad mini product lineup being in average-to-constrained supply. This suggests that Apple may be planning to keep at least some of the non-Retina iPad mini models on the market at a lower price point than the new Retina iPad minis the company is widely expected to introduce on Tuesday.

    Apple may have recently dumped its remaining inventory of iPad minis from its direct channels into its indirect channels ahead of next week’s introductions, a practice that is not uncommon for the Cupertino California company when it needs to clear out its channel for new stock. Similarly those familiar with the matter added that inventory of Apple’s current Apple TV model is “the highest it’s been in months.”

    Source: AppleInsider
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    1. klip2006's Avatar
      klip2006 -
      I will honestly be pissed if they do not release a ipad mini with retina. How stupid could they be? I know they have their reasons for doing everything they do, but there is a CLEAR demand for a retina ipad mini. I personally would even be willing to pay an extra 100$ for a ipad mini with specs matching the full size ipad.
    1. tdawg3000's Avatar
      tdawg3000 -
      I'd be pumped for a Retina with Haswell
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