• OS X Mavericks Officially Released to the Public

    Following Apple’s announcement on Tuesday that OS X Mavericks would become available for all Mac users running OS X Snow Leopard or later, Apple has delivered the goods. OS X Mavericks is available right now in the Mac App Store as a free upgrade.

    Whether you’re on OS X Snow Leopard, OS X Lion, or OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Mavericks can be installed on your machine without the need to upgrade to earlier versions of OS X first. It's also a free upgrade for those that haven't paid for earlier upgrades of OS X.

    Apple touts over 200 new features in OS X Mavericks. Some notable new features are improved notifications with quick reply, Safari notifications, compressed memory, Finder tabs, file tags, better multi-display support, App Nap, a new Safari, iBooks, Maps, and much more. The new operating system also increases performance, while increasing battery life.

    The installation will restart your computer, so you should save all progress prior to installing. The file size comes in at over 5GB, so sit back and watch a movie while you're downloading the update!

    To find the update, open the Mac App Store and go to the Updates tab, or go to the  Menu and choose "Software Update."
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    1. ChicagoV's Avatar
      ChicagoV -
      I'm assuming this is the same build as the GM we were seeded weeks ago... yes?
    1. CeeTee's Avatar
      CeeTee -
      I keep getting an error message every time I try to upgrade to mavericks. the product distribution process blah blah blah file could be damaged or unsigned. Any fix for this?
    1. bobohwk2's Avatar
      bobohwk2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoV View Post
      I'm assuming this is the same build as the GM we were seeded weeks ago... yes?
      I think it changed. Here is a post that 9to5 posted regarding this:

      "This weekend, Apple seems to have updated the OS X Mavericks Golden Master (GM) version to a new build. The new build is 13A603 while the original GM seed was 13A598. It’s not common for Apple to change the GM build for a Mac OS, but it is not without precedent. Apple has altered GM iOS seeds before they shipped to customers on a few occasions in the past. Users of the new build have not reported any noticeable user-facing alterations…"

      Link: Apple silently updates OS X Mavericks Golden Master to new version | 9to5Mac
    1. Mahboi's Avatar
      Mahboi -
      What a lovely surprise, getting a free update. I was worried I'd have to cough up $20 like I did for ML (previously more than that for SL). I think it's part of their attempt to make OS X more like iOS. As long as they don't port over the flat UI, I'm fine with that.
    1. petrusk's Avatar
      petrusk -
      I'm a little scared to install it on a 2008 MacBook despite seeing that it is in fact supported. It would be nice to move up from Snow Leopard on that machine to allow an iPhoto photo stream, but not at the cost of the machines functionality.
    1. 2Jaze's Avatar
      2Jaze -
      Running Logic Pro on the big screen set to my Apogee Duet, with computer audio set to the built in soundcard....couple this with a wireless mouse and keyboard...and now that full screen is never disturbed...

      it's literally like having two separate computers. (MacBook Pro btw)

      Love it.
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